Sobre el Vicerrectorado


Grettings from the Vice-Chancellor for University Extension
The Vice-Chancellor for University Extension wants to greet you and welcome you to the University of Jaén.

The University Extension Department coordinates the following fields: the University Press, the University cultural activities, the physical and sports activities, the cultural foundations secretariat and the elderly people university, as well as the library service of our university.

Such fields have several common features, such as the objective of interconnecting all the research and teaching activities, –which define the university life– with the town and society.

All the projects and initiatives of the University Extension Department are open to all the people who form the university community (students, faculty and administration staff), as well as the group of institutions, organizations and people that constitute our cultural environment.

We hope that our ideas and projects help to invigorate the cultural life and to improve the quality of life, paying attention to sustainability and to the environment which surrounds us.